About Us

An adventure born out of an unlikely time...

About Us - Holly and Dan

We are all now keenly aware of the importance of our good health. Diet and exercise, getting outdoors, soaking in the sun, and spending quality time together with family and friends are key ingredients to feeling great. The pandemic of 2020 challenged us all in that aspect. Like most families, we had to adapt to new ways of staying active and finding joy in this unprecedented time. During the lockdown, when home gyms were becoming all the rave, we decided to upgrade our exercise bike. Little did we realize bicycle parts, much like toilet paper, were becoming scarce. While we did eventually find a more comfortable bike seat, we also found ourselves immersed in the world of "ebikes."

One sunshiny July morning, while enjoying our "simultaneous sip" of coffee listening to our favorite podcast, as the host began to rave about his amazing new "ebike" - the light went off! For months, we had heard about -- and watched -- families struggle to escape the grips of boredom and find healthy activities they could do together. Bike riding seemed to be the activity of choice, but varying riding levels within families created a new obstacle that took the joy out of riding. We could relate. While one of us was an avid Crossfitter, the other was not. Prone to chronic pain and ailments and just getting old, was there not anything we could do together without the added pressure of "keeping up"? Enter the bicycle with an electric motor, pedal-assist, and a throttle - we were intrigued.

Some people say Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) persuaded us to start our ebike journey with comments like these:

As we began to explore and test ebikes for ourselves, we quickly realized there was a unique opportunity ahead to put the challenges of 2020 behind us all. With many businesses toiling, establishing a new brick and mortar was simply out of the question. So, we went mobile and designed a system to make renting an ebike just as convenient as ordering your other necessities. Our initial rental fleet of 6 Rad Power Bikes finally arrived in October - just in time for the end of the 2020 riding season.

Born and raised in the Evansville area, Dan and I are excited to provide our community with a fun and safe outlet for enjoying the outdoors and recapturing those thought-to-be-lost moments. We're also intent on supporting other local businesses and organizations through unique partnerships and fundraising events. Keep an eye out for our very colorful truck and our rad-looking ebikes at popular locations in Southern Indiana, and be sure to look for exciting things to come in 2021, and beyond!

We'd love to share the fun and excitement of ebike outings! Whether it's a fundraising activity for your club or organization, a team building exercise at your place of work, or energizing your get-together with family and friends, we'll bring the fun to you!

Book an ebike-escape with us today for the perfect social distance adventure for family and friends and - get out and ride!

- Holly and Dan Adams