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Ebike-Escapes 13101 Darmstadt Rd. Evansville IN 47725

Located at 13101 Darmstadt Rd. in Evansville, Indiana, our ebike shop in Darmstadt sits at the intersection of history and innovation. The surrounding landscape holds a rich past, once home to the historic Evansville Princeton & Vincennes Interurban Railway. This once-thriving railway served as a vital lifeline for the community, connecting neighborhoods and facilitating transportation across Evansville. Now, it stands as a testament to the region's rich heritage and serves as a reminder of the innovative spirit that continues to drive progress in our community.

In collaboration with the Evansville Trails Coalition, Ebike-Escapes is dedicated to revitalizing this historical pathway and linking it back to the broader Evansville Greenway. Our research efforts in collaboration with the Evansville Trails Coalition includes a proposed expansion of the trail network, particularly focusing on the Darmstadt to Pigeon Creek Greenway Connection—a stretch of approximately 7.71 miles along the abandoned traction line. This vision is to establish a dynamic corridor that provides safe and accessible routes for riders of all skill levels. Through the establishment of new connections and the promotion of community involvement, we aspire to establish a central hub for outdoor and electric bike enthusiasts alike—a space where the past converges with the present, and boundless opportunities await in the future.

Please join us in this ambitious project to not only preserve the area's heritage but also provide our riders with safe and accessible pathways to explore the beauty of Evansville's landscapes.

13101 Darmstadt Rd. Evansville, IN. 47725


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