Ebikescapes LLC. Electric Bike Test Ride Agreement


I,​​ the ​​below-named person,​​ being ​​above ​​age​​ eighteen, ​​or​​ the​​ parent​​ or ​​legal​​ guardian ​​of​​ the ​​below-named​​ person​​ who​​ is​​ under​​ age ​​eighteen, in ​​consideration ​​of​​ the ​​services ​​of​​ Ebikescapes ​​LLC.,​​the​​ rate​​ charged​​ for​​ those ​​services,​​ or ​​the​​ worth ​​of​​ them as ​​freely ​​given,​​ and​​ the​​ right​​ to​​ engage​​ in ​​the ​​Activities ​​as​​ a ​​participant,​ ​hereby​​ acknowledge,​ ​agree,​​ promise​​ and ​​covenant​​ with​​ Ebikescapes LLC.​​ and​​ all​​ persons,​​ entities,​​employees​​ and​​ agents, ​​on​​ behalf​​ of ​​myself, ​​heirs, ​​assigns,​ ​personal ​​representative​​ and​​ next​​ of ​​kin:
1.​​​ ACKNOWLEDGEMENT ​​OF ​​RISK:​​ ​​I​ ​acknowledge, ​​agree ​​and​​ represent​​ that​​ the ​​lesson ​​and/or​​ tour​​ and​​ related​​ activities​​ (“Activities”) ​​I​​ am about​​ to​​ engage ​​in​​ voluntarily, ​​bear​​ certain ​​known​​ risks​​ and​​ unanticipated ​​risks​​ which​​ could ​​result​​ in ​​injury,​​ death,​​ illness ​​or ​​disease, physical or​​ mental​​ damage​​ to​​ myself,​​ my​​ property, ​​or​​ other​​ third​​ parties ​​or ​​their​​ property,​​ or​​ the ​​property​​ of​​ Ebikescapes ​​LLC.​​ I​​ further acknowledge​​ that​​ I ​​understand ​​the ​​nature ​​of​​ cycling ​​and ​​related​​ Activities ​​and​​ that​​ I ​​am ​​qualified, ​​in​​ good​​ health, ​​and ​​proper​​ physical​​ condition to ​​participate ​​in ​​such ​​Activities​​ and ​​willingly​​ agree ​​to​​ comply ​​with ​​the​​ stated​​ customary ​​terms ​​and ​​conditions​​ of ​​participation.
2.​​​ ACCEPTANCE ​​OF ​​RISK​​ AND​​ RESPONSIBILITY​:​​ I​​ fully​​ understand ​​that ​​(a) ​​cycling ​​and ​​electric​​ bicycle ​​riding, ​​and​​ related​​ Activities ​​involve risks​​ and​​ dangers ​​of​​ damage​​ to​​ personal ​​property​​ and ​​serious ​​bodily​​ injury,​​ including,​​ but​​ not​​ limited ​​to, ​​permanent ​​disability,​​ paralysis,​​ and death ​​to ​​myself ​​and ​​to ​​other​​ third ​​parties; ​​(b) ​​these​​ risks ​​and ​​dangers ​​may ​​be​​ caused​​ by​​ my​​ own​​ actions ​​or ​​inactions, ​​the​​ actions​​ or​​ inactions of​​ others​​ participating ​​in ​​the​​ Activities, ​​the ​​condition ​​in ​​which ​​the​​ Activities ​​take ​​place,​​ or​​ the​​ negligence​​ of ​​the ​​“Releasees”​​ named​​ below; ​​(c ) there​​ may ​​be ​​other ​​risks ​​and ​​social ​​and ​​economic​​ losses​​ either​​ known ​​or ​​unknown ​​to ​​me ​​or​​ not ​​readily ​​foreseeable ​​at ​​this ​​time; ​​and​​ I ​​agree, covenant ​​and​​ promise​​ to ​​accept​​ and​​ assume ​​all ​​responsibility ​​and​​ risk ​​for ​​injury,​​ death,​​ illness ​​or ​​disease,​​ or ​​damage ​​to​​ myself,​​ my ​​property, that​​ of ​​the​​m in or ​​named ​​above, ​​arising ​​from​​ my ​​participation ​​in ​​the​​ Activities.
3. ​​​I ​​HEREBY​​ RELEASE, ​​DISCHARGE,​​ AND​​ COVENANT​​​​ to​​ accept ​​and​​ assume ​​all​​ responsibility ​​and​​ risk​​​ for​​ injury,​​ death, ​​illness, ​​disease, ​​or damage ​​to​​ other​​ third​​ parties​​ and​​ their​​ property​​ arising​​ from ​​my​​ participation​​ in ​​the ​​Activities​​ and​​ agree ​​not​​ to​​ sue​​ Ebikescapes ​​LLC., ​​its instructors, ​​employees,​​ agents, ​​owners,​​ and​​ contractors​​ (each​​ considered ​​one​​ of​​ the​​ “Releasees”)​​ from ​​all​​ liability,​​ claims,​​ demands, ​​losses, injuries,​​ damage​​ to ​​property, ​​or​​ other​​ damages​​ on ​​my ​​account​​ caused​​ or​​ alleged​​ to ​​be ​​caused​​ in ​​whole ​​or ​​in​​ part ​​by ​​the​​ negligence​​ of ​​the “Releasees”​​ or ​​otherwise,​​ including​​ negligent ​​rescue ​​operations;​​ and ​​I​ ​further ​​agree​​ that ​​if ​​despite ​​this ​​Release ​​and ​​Waiver​​ of​​ Liability, assumption​​ of​​ risk,​​ and ​​indemnity ​​agreement​​ I,​​ or​​ anyone ​​on​​ my​​ behalf,​​ make ​​a​​ claim ​​against​​ anyone​​ of ​​the ​​Releasees, ​​I​​ will ​​indemnify,​​ save​​ and hold​​ harmless ​​each​​ of​​ the ​​Releasees ​​from​​ any​​ litigation,​​ attorney​​ fees, ​​loss,​​ liability, ​​or​​ cost​​ which​​ may ​​incur ​​as ​​the​​ result​​ of ​​such ​​claim.​​ I ​​further understand​​ and​​ agree ​​to​​ fully​​ reimburse​​ Ebikescapes ​​LLC.​​ for ​​any​​ damage ​​caused​​ to​​ property ​​of​​ Ebikescapes ​​LLC.​​​​ as​​ a ​​result​​ of​​ my participation ​​in​​ the ​​Activities. ​​My ​​participation​​ in ​​the ​​Activities ​​is ​​purely ​​voluntary, ​​no ​​one ​​is​​ forcing​​ me​​ to​​ participate,​​ and ​​I ​​elect ​​to ​​participate despite ​​the ​​risks.
4​.​​ I ​​AGREE​​ TO ​​ABIDE by​​ Ebikescapes ​​​LLC​.’s ​​policies ​​​and ​​agree ​​to ​​comply​​ with​​ all​​ instructions ​​of​​ the​​ guide,​​ instructor​​or ​​staff​​ in connection ​​with ​​participation ​​in​​ the​​ Activity,​​ and​​ failure ​​to​​ follow​​ such ​​directions ​​shall​​ be​​ grounds ​​for​​ termination​​ of​​ my​​ privilege ​​to ​​participate in​​ the​​ Activities​​ without​​ reimbursement​​ or​​ cancellation​​ of​​ fees ​​paid ​​or ​​owed. ​​I​​ understand​​ that ​​the​​ use ​​or​​ possession​​ of ​​drugs ​​or​​ alcohol ​​is strictly ​​prohibited​​ before ​​and ​​during ​​the ​​Activities ​​and​​ will​​ be​​ grounds ​​for ​​immediate​​ removal​​ from ​​the ​​Activities​​ without​​ reimbursement ​of​​ fees paid ​​or ​​owed.​​ I ​​agree ​​that​​ if​​ in​​ the ​​judgment​​ of​​ my ​​instructor​​ and/or​​ guide,​​ he/she​​ must ​​call​​ for​​ assistance ​​during​​ the ​​trip ​​due​​ to​​ my noncompliance ​​with ​​his/her ​​instructions ​​or Ebikescapes ​​​LLC​.ʼs ​​policies​​ that​​ I​ ​accept​​ responsibility ​​for ​​paying ​​any​​ associated​​ rescue​​ and transportation ​​costs.
5. I CONSENT TO THE USE OF ANY PHOTOGRAPHS, PICTURES, FILM, OR VIDEOTAPE TAKEN OF ME, or provided by me for publicity, promotion, television, websites, or any other use, and expressly waive any right of privacy, compensation, copyright, or other ownership right connected to same by participating in or attending any Activities in connection with Ebikescapes LLC.