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  • Insuring Our Ebikes Against Theft and Damage. Is it Worth it?

    Let's talk about protecting our e-bikes. As we know, ebikes are becoming more and more popular not just for recreation but also as a mode of transportation. They're environmentally friendly and good for our health, but like any other vehicle, they can be prone to accidental damage and theft. As ebikers, it's important to consider getting insurance for our ebikes.

    Ebike-escapes has recently partnered with Oyster to offer our customers ebike insurance that includes: Theft, Crash Damage, Full Value Coverage, Domestic Travel and more. It takes less than 2 minutes to get a quote for a policy with Oyster, so that's the best way to find out exactly how much insurance will cost you...

  • The 9 Lives of Your Ebike Battery - When is it Time For Replacement?

    Getting old sucks. Especially when you're an ebike battery. If your thirst for adventure will never be quenched, but your ebike isn't quite as frisky and playful as those first rides, it may be a harbinger of things to come. Your ebike battery should last between 500 to 1500 charge cycles - depending on its quality and the conditions in which you store it. This could mean anywhere from one year of use all the way up to five years before it needs a full replacement. As ebike owners, it's important not to miss these tell-tale symptoms and recognize that your ebike battery may be nearing the end of its life.

    Here are 9 tips that it may be time to replace or recycle your ebike battery...
  • Essential Ebike Accessories - An Ebike Owners Must Have Guide: Updated for 2023!

    After months of research you finally found that perfect ebike. Now comes the really hard part: which ebike accessories are you going to need to fully enjoy the ebike lifestyle when considering... Comfort & Safety, Security & Storage, Travel & Maintenance, and Riding in Style! 

    This is our list of essential ebike accessories every ebike owner must have. And, based on Your Feedback: We've updated our guide to include amazing new ebike accessories for 2023!

    But you've probably already guessed which one is everyone's favorite...

  • Are Ebikes Powering the Future of the Electric Vehicle Revolution?

    If it's 2023 and you haven’t climbed into the cockpit of an electric vehicle, you have no one to blame but yourself. One of the fastest-growing segments in its global market,  outpacing the sale of all other electric vehicles combined - the electric bicycle is one of the most exciting trends in modern technology. Yes, EV's are coming to a neighborhood near you. So when you see one, don’t just stare – take advantage of their benefits. You just might like what you find...
  • Ebike Calorie Calculator: 9 Miles or 299 Reps? Ebike vs. Burpees.

    You're not a cheater. But you need the answer to the question: Are electric bikes really good for exercise?

    To find the answer, let's compare ebikes to burpees: how much effort is required to burn 425 calories? If our math is correct, it's a 36-minute ebike ride. Or 299 Burpees. Want more examples, data, and actual science? Check out our ebike vs. burpees calorie burn comparison calculator…

  • Ebike Battery Range Calculator: Can My Ebike Really Go Farther Than A Tesla?

    We know which one goes faster, and looks much cooler. But, are the longest-range electric vehicles on the road today equipped with 4 wheels, or two? While Tesla may be better at squeezing range out of lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, are 400 miles really out of the question for your ebike? Find out how to calculate your battery range...
  • Bucket List 2021 - A Path to Reconnect: The Great American Rail-Trail

    What if I told you a grassroots organization of over 1 million strong has been developing a path to reconnect America and put 2020 behind us? Now that it is becoming a reality - and well over half-way complete, 2021 may be the perfect time to experience the Great American Rail-Trail - on an ebike!
  • How to Avoid the #1 Mistake New Ebike Owners Make.

    Everyone likes ice-cream. Thanks to the fine folks at Baskin-Robbins, deciding which flavor to choose is a simple matter of asking for another pink spoonful of goodness. Purchasing your first ebike, shouldn't be any different.

    If you've started doing your homework, you know there is a flood of ebikes on the market. Please stop. Slow down. Not all ebikes are created equal...