The 9 Lives of Your Ebike Battery - When is it Time For Replacement?

Getting old sucks. Especially when you're an ebike battery. If your thirst for adventure will never be quenched, but your ebike isn't quite as frisky and playful as those first rides, it may be a harbinger of things to come. Your ebike battery should last between 500 to 1500 charge cycles - depending on its quality and the conditions in which you store it. This could mean anywhere from one year of use all the way up to five years before it needs a full replacement. As ebike owners, it's important not to miss these tell-tale symptoms and recognize that your ebike battery may be nearing the end of its life.

Here are 9 tips that it may be time to replace or recycle your ebike battery:

1. Decreased Range: One of the most obvious flags that your ebike battery is losing performance is if you notice that it can no longer travel as far as it used to. Remember when you could travel 35-40 miles on a single charge, but now can only go about 20-25 miles? It may be a sign that your battery is losing capacity. Sure, you're getting more exercise, but is it on your terms?

2. Decreased Power: Another indicator that your ebike battery may be reaching its end is if you detect that it no longer has the energy and vitality it once did. If you feel like your ebike has gone from leopard to laggard, with a slower or less responsive ride, or with difficulty climbing hills or handling other demanding terrain, it could be a signal that your battery is losing performance.

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3. Reduced Ability to Hold a Charge: If you're realizing that your ebike battery is no longer able to hold a charge as well as it used to, your battery could be already walking towards the light. In addition to getting a much shorter range on a single charge, you may be needing to charge your battery more frequently. This can be equally frustrating if you rely on your electric bicycle for transportation and ultimately relent that your charging habits need to be modified.

4. Reduced Charge Acceptance: You may observe that your ebike battery is taking longer to charge than it used to, or it may not even be able to reach a full charge. This decreased ability of an ebike battery to accept and store charge is typically due to age or overuse and can result in a decrease in range and performance, as well as an increase in charging time. It is often caused by the deterioration of the battery cells, which can occur due to high temperatures, overcharging, and deep discharging. This is an omen your battery is past its prime.
5. Increased Self-Discharge: Did you know ebike batteries can lose charge even when they are not in use, and this self-discharge rate tends to increase as the battery ages? If you charge your ebike battery fully and then leave it unused for a week, and it loses significantly more charge than it did when it was new, the signpost ahead may be indicating you're approaching the end of the road.

6. Physical Damage: We've all taken a spill (or two) on our ebikes. If you distinguish any physical damage to your ebike battery, such as dents, cracks, or leaks, it may be a forewarning that it is no longer safe to use. This can be caused by a variety of mishaps, such as accidental drops or impacts, exposure to extreme temperatures, or even water damage.

7. Swelling or Bulging: If your ebike battery is swelling or bulging, it may be a warning it is not free from danger. When it comes to overheating, overcharging, or damage to the battery cells, it's best to avoid being famous on social media. Using a battery that is swelling or bulging can be cataclysmic, as it may be at risk of exploding or catching fire.

8. Unusual Behavior: If there is any unusual behavior coming from your ebike battery, such as unexpected shutdowns or strange noises, your battery may not be able to land on its feet, this time. From faulty battery management systems or damaged battery cells, if you discern any unusual behavior from your ebike battery, it is important to stop using it immediately and seek out a replacement.

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9. Reduced Overall Performance: Everyone and everything eventually experiences it. Your ebike is no longer performing as well as it used to and is no longer able to boost your ride. If you've sensed any or all of these afflictions, and you've come to the conclusion that perhaps your battery has used up the last of its nine lives, maybe its time to replace your battery. Even Frank Thomas would agree. And yes, she (your ebike) will like it, too.

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Cats don't really have nine lives. Neither does your battery. But, just as the jungle relies on the lion to provide energy and power to maintain the balance of life, so to does your ebike rely on its battery. It's important to be aware of the clues that your ebike battery may be nearing the end of its life and to know when it's time to further care for your battery or potentially replace or recycle it. If you recognized any of the problems in this article, your cat may be already on the roof.

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