Ebike Accessories: Bike Racks for Ebikes

What bike rack is best for ebikes?

Ebike-escapes understands the desire of ebike riders to get out and ride in great locations away from home, especially for those in the camping community!  When it comes to hauling those heavy ebikes, make sure you have an ebike-rated vehicle hitch bike rack. As a rental fleet test-ride location for Rad Power Bikes, and as affiliates for other top ebike manufacturers, we recommend the following bike racks.

These bike racks listed range between a maximum weight of 60-80 lbs. per bike. Check your ebike specifications to find the correct bike rack for your ebike/vehicle combination.

Shop Local - Maximum Weight - 80 lbs. per Ebike:

Shop Local - Maximum Weight - 70 lbs. per Ebike:

Maximum Weight - 70 lbs. per Ebike:

Maximum Weight - 65 lbs. per Ebike:

Maximum Weight - 60 lbs. per Ebike:

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