Ebike Calorie Calculator: 9 Miles or 299 Reps? Ebike vs. Burpees.

You're not a cheater. But that doesn't mean you enjoy repping out a few hundred burpees at a time. You want that ebike, but you need the answer to the question: Are electric bikes really good for exercise?

To find the answer, first let's compare how much effort is required to burn 425 calories (about a medium-sized steak) for a 55 yr old Male weighing 180 lbs. riding an ebike vs. performing Burpees?

9 miles. On a 66 lb. ebike, averaging 15 mph on minimal (100-250 watt avg.) pedal assist (PAS).

Or, 299 Burpees.

How long does it take you to do 299 Burpees? If our math is correct, it's a 36-minute ebike ride. Want more examples? Check out our ebike vs. burpees calorie burn comparison calculator:

Now, let's look to actual science to find out: Are ebikes good for health and fitness?

A recent study of 10,000 participants across seven European cities compared the physical activity of electric bicycle users to conventional bicycle users and non-cyclists. Unsurprisingly, their findings showed ebike riders were older than traditional cyclists and had higher a BMI than both cyclists, and non-cyclists, alike. However, the study also suggested those older and heavier adults hoping to overcome the physical challenges of conventional cycling substantially increased their physical activity by traveling longer distances. 

Another study in the Journal of Transport & Health found “The biggest benefit for e-bikes is that they allow people who normally wouldn’t ride a bicycle to ride a bicycle—and they ride it more often and they ride it farther,” according to one of it's authors, Christopher Cherry, professor of civil engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

And yet another study evaluating: are ebikes are good for seniors, suggests that it is not just the physical activity component of cycling that aids executive function. E-bikes require less physical exertion than pedal bikes and often are more rewarding for participants to cycle as they enable coping with physical ailments that make ordinary pedal cycling challenging and encourage more cycling time. Effectively increasing older adults' independence and mobility, reducing isolation and depression, is likely to have a positive impact on their mental health and cognitive function.

But most importantly, we asked over 12,000 Ebike Cyclists Over 60 if they've lost weight or gotten healthier riding their ebike. Here is just a sampling of the responses we received:

“I’ve lost 14lbs since 11/20 and haven’t been trying. The big improvement is in my heart. When I started riding my average heart rate was 145+bpm. It is now less than 110bpm. This is based on 1600 miles over the same roads.” - Fred

“My husband and I ordered our bikes about 4 weeks into our lifestyle change. We have achieved weight loss and become healthier. We were bicycling on our 30 year old mountain bikes prior. I think the investment in our ebikes emphasizes our commitment to our healthier lifestyle. Riding them is a pleasurable part of our healthy life style, not a chore like walking on a treadmill or pedaling a stationary bike in a gym.” - Mary

“Riding my Ebike I emotionally feel better. Going for a ride in the evening usally end up going 8 to 10 miles without trying.” - Bill

“Omg has my ebike ever changed my life!!! My health has improved, I have lost weight and have a new desire to live a beautiful life!” - Cheri

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“Owned my ebike since February of this year and put 2200 miles on it and lost 20 pounds. At age of 80 I feel great and have to credit it to riding the bike as often as possible.” - Jerry

"My overall fitness has improved. My muscle definition in my legs, my heart rate has lowered. I got off my blood pressure medication. My stiff knees feel so much better after a ride." - Karen

“Over the 15 months and 5509 miles, I have lost 14 pounds and my Garmin fitness age has improved by 13 years. Resting heart rate down from 55 to 47.” - David

“I'm a cancer patient and riding my ebike has improved my stamina tremendously. I've lost about 8 pounds and would love to lose more. The biggest win for me is my stamina. I rode 500 miles in August for the JimmyV Victory Ride to cure cancer and 30 miles at the live event. I raised over $5000 in donations. Last year was my first year and I rode 200 for the month maybe 300 but I've gone from 10 miles a day, up to 41.” - Fran

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“I am riding my Ebike for a longer time and distance. I can do it more days of the week. Than I could with out the E. My enthusiasm has improved. I deal like a young man when I ride. I am 77. I ride 20 miles a day.” - Jim

“I lost 30 lbs riding my e bike. I have both a e trike and e bike. When I ride I usually burn from 1100 to 1500 calories a ride. I keep my cadence high even with pedal assistance.” - Dani

“Riding my EBike over 1000 miles has gotten rid of my plantar facetious and lost some weight in the process. Most of all my mental health instead of just sitting or lying around in this pandemic my wife and I make road trips local and to other states to ride and explore other trails. We got our grandsons out of the house as well and they ride their bikes with us.” - Rod

“Not exactly losing bundles of weight, but we’ve had a lot of weather that has gotten in the way of eBiking. One health bonus I did not expect … my overall balance is improving. I think the constant need for my brain to be doing some sort of balancing act while riding is translating to staying upright while just plain walking around.” - Lexa

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“We got our ebikes to get outdoors more and meet people. I know it is good for my heart and well being. They say being outdoors is like getting a massage for the brain! We feel healthier.” - Norm

“OMG..i can now pedal for at least an hour, take a break and do another. If it wasn't for my bike i would not have lost 13 lbs and be in the shape i'm in today. Its a work in progress but LOVE MY EBIKE!!! I can now get on my regular and ride comfortably for as long as i ride on my ebike, just not as far or as fast;))” - Regina

“Lost 30 since January. No changes other than daily rides of 10 miles minimum in PAS 0 to PAS 3 only and never throttle. Keep in mind I live on a mountain so plenty of climbs and descents with little to no flat land. Feel the burn, Love the burn. Exercise seems to curb my appetite. Every minute riding is a minute off my ass or with my face in the fridge.  280 lbs now 249. Only took 509 miles. I figure I'll be at my target of 225 by 1000 miles.” - Bebo

“My ebike has been a life saver for me. Being an outdoor person my health has kept me from some of the things I did when younger. I have MS which causes fatigue and a knee replacement 3 years ago. I got my bike last November and it has improved my frame of mind and health with the MS and the knee replacement.” - Dawn

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