Essential Ebike Accessories - An Ebike Owners Must Have Guide!

You did it.

After months of research, asking everyone their opinion of which ebike you should buy, and test-riding the different models you were lucky enough to get your hands - or more importantly, your butt - on, you found that perfect ebike.


But, you've only just begun. Now comes the really hard part: which ebike accessories are you going to need to fully enjoy the ebike lifestyle? Especially, when considering... Comfort. Style. Safety. Maintenance. Security. Storage. and Hauling.

This is our list of essential ebike accessories every ebike owner must have. But you've probably already guessed which one is everyone's favorite!

When it comes to comfort, it's all about that bass.

Rad Power Bikes Comfort SaddleRad Power Bikes Comfort Saddle >>
Just imagine that extra layer of soft, supportive memory foam padding, and elastomer spring rails supporting your backside as you glide over those bumps in the road.
Compare to: Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow Saddle Seat >>

Redshift Sports  ShockStop Suspension System
Redshift Sports ShockStop Suspension Seatpost >>
Maybe its not just the saddle? Redshift components are the perfect upgrade for an e-bike! The ShockStop Suspension System unlocks unparalleled comfort, control, and safety with front and rear suspension.
Compare to:  Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Seat Post >>

Kitsbow Cycling Shorts
Kitsbow Premium Cycling Shorts >>
Your Battery may last 45 miles, but who really wants to be on an ebike for that long? You do, of course! That's why you bought the dang thing - not to go faster, but to stay out longer and ride farther. Better make sure you have all of your backside covered!
Compare to: Bellwether Criterium Cycling Shorts >>

Style and safety can co-exist.

Nutcase HelmetsNutcase Helmets >>
We love our Nutcase Bike helmets! Our brain loves their MIPS technology, and our soul loves that its a piece of art. These helmets make us smile, each and every time we put them on.
Compare to: Thousand MIPS Helmet >>


BurpeeBod Ebike Shirts

Ebike-escapes Merch>>
Everyone raves about our logo! Now you can express your desire to escape on your ebike with our very own custom riding shirts from BurpeeBod.
Compare to:  Twin Six Apparel >>

Two mottos we literally live by:
1. See and Be Seen. 2. All The Gear All The Time. (ATGATT)

Hafny MirrorsHafny Bar-end Mirrors >>
One of the top bike mirror companies in the world, Hafny produces a variety of bikes mirrors, from unbreakable stainless steel lens to HD blast-resistant glass mirror.
Compare to: Mirrycle Handlebar Mirror >>


Noxgear Tracer 360 LightvestNoxgear Tracer360 >>
Noxgear's Tracer360 visibility vest keeps you safe and out of harm’s way by making you highly visible to cars and traffic under any conditions. If you’re active at night or early in the morning, the Tracer360 makes sure you are seen. Join the Rad Power eBike Owner's Group and receive 35% off when using code: RADPOWER
Compare to: Specialized Reflective Jackets and Vests >>

Safeguard it all.
Uncharted Supply Triage KitFirst Aid Triage Kit >>
Uncharted Supply Company was founded to prepare any adventurer for unexpected survival situations. Their mission is to prepare people for any adventure, big or small, so they can stay safe and keep exploring.
Combine with: Lezyne M-Caddy C02 Repair Kit >>

Park Tool SK-4 Home Mechanic Starter Kit >>
Tackle that routine maintenance in between visits to your local bike shop for some of the more complicated bike repairs. Park Tools is a trusted brand and this is a great starter kit.
Combine with:  Foundation Bike Repair Stand >>

Abus Lock

ABUS Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 >>
Rule #1: Don't let your ebike out of your sight.
Rule #2: If you have to leave it, lock it up tight!
• 5 mm bars with extra-soft two-component casing to prevent damage to paintwork
• Colour-coordinated soft-touch silicone cover for the lock body
• ABUS Link Protection Shield for a high level of protection against hinge sawing
• ABUS XPlus cylinder for extremely high protection against manipulation, e.g. picking
• ABUS Security level: 15
• Circumference: 110 cm (43.3 in) OR 85 cm (33.4 in)
Compare to: Kryptonite New York Chain 1217 and Evolution Disc Lock 5.5' >>

Register Your Ebike and Battery into Bike Index >>

Protect Your Batteries, too.


RTIC Hard CaseRTIC Waterproof Hard Case >>
The perfect protection for your gear, RTIC sets the standard for quality hard cases - virtually indestructible, look great and come with a limited lifetime warranty.
Compare to: Harbor Freight APACHE 4800 Weatherproof Protective Case >>

Carry things on your bike. Carry things off your bike.

Kulie Bike Bags Kulie Bike Bags >>
We. Love. These. Bike Bags.

Having obsessed over design, functionality, and organization, Kulie has somehow managed to engineer the right bag for the right occasion. Carry beer and wine and fruit and food easily so you can combine life activities as you bike. Make your bike commute to work so convenient, you don't have to think twice about leaving your car in the garage. No longer stuff your jacket pockets with your phone, fuel, and tech accessories - arriving sweaty and tired from carrying things on yourself. Elevate every bike ride!
Compare to: Topeak >>

Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat
Thule Yepp Maxi Child Seat >>
Don't forget the little ones, too! Finally enjoy a family bike ride, without wearing yourself out hauling those additional (up to) 40 lbs.
Compare to:  Thule Coaster XT: Trailer and Stroller >>


What about the ride before your ride?
Have you thought about how you will get you and your ebike from point A to Point B, before you even start your ride?

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Ebike Hitch Rack

Hollywood Racks Sport Rider Ebike Hitch Rack >>
• Capacity: Two Bikes (Max 80 lb per bike)
• Hitch Size: 2” only (Do not use a 1.25”-2” hitch adapter)
• Maximum bike wheelbase: 60”
• Features extra heavy duty wheel holders, an internally reinforced frame and external brace for heavy load carrying capacity
• Includes keyed alike locking hitch pin, 8’ security cable and locking frame hooks
• Patented “No-Wobble Hitch System" eliminates slack between the receiver and the rack without the use of tools
• Folds flat against car when not in use
• Tilts down for easy cargo door access
Compare to: Northern Tools Ultra-Tow Fat Tire 2-Bike Carrier

WeatherTech EasyRamp
WeatherTech EasyRamp - Heavy-duty Pet Ramp for Trucks and SUVs >> 
The WeatherTech EasyRamp is perfect for larger vehicles and for older pets that may have trouble with steeper inclines. Or, for loading/unloading your ebike. Includes a super strong base that can support up to 300 lbs.The EasyRamp also features a non-slip surface.
Combine with: Tailgate Bike Pads >>

The Ultimate Accessory for an Ebike Lifestyle:

231 EA Retro Bunkhouse Travel Trailer >>
Our Other Ellie aka: Eleanor

Coming soon in our next blog post: The story of why we fell in love with this Bunkhouse Retro Travel Trailer...