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Cirrus Cycles - Kinekt

Ebike Upgrades - Get the Perfect Riding Experience With A Kinekt Seatpost From Cirrus Cycles

Make your electric bike even more comfortable and enjoyable with the Kinekt Seatpost from Cirrus Cycles. Specifically designed for ebikers, this adjustable seatpost is engineered to provide superior cushioning, dampening and support, delivering a smoother ride on any terrain no matter how long you are out for. 

Discover the Benefits of a Kinekt Seatpost.

Kinekt Seatposts allow you to stay in the saddle over more terrain, maintaining a more consistent connection to your bike while isolating you from bumps and vibrations. Your body, bike, and surface create a linked system of moving parts. Excess movement throughout this system causes discomfort at delicate points of contact between rider and bike - you know what we’re talking about! Kinekt's unique parallelogram, spring-damped design allows enough travel to comfortably tame high-frequency vibrations and road bumps. With adjustable suspensions and dampening characteristics, you can customize your riding experience to get the perfect balance of support, cushioning and comfort on any terrain. And with its lightweight construction yet strong and durable build, this seatpost will last you miles.

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