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Buzz Bikes
Buzz through life with Buzz e-bikes! The ultimate transportation solution at a great value!
All Buzz bikes are test driven prior to shipment, so you can rest assured knowing your Buzz is ready to roll. Buzz E-Bikes and Buzz E-Trikes are covered by multiple warranties.
Find out what all the Buzz is about!

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Read the response when Ebike-escapes asked *Artificial Intelligence:

Is Buzz Bicycles a good brand?

"So, let me start by introducing you to Buzz Bicycles, a new player in the ebike game that's part of a larger group of companies known as United Wheels, which includes names like Huffy and Allite. With a combined 125 years of cycling experience, Buzz definitely has some expertise under its belt.

Now, on to the bikes themselves. From what I can tell, Buzz offers a few different models including the Charter and Charter F (a folding version), and the Centris. All of these bikes seem to be geared towards urban riders, with the ability to handle some off-road adventures and a focus on being compact and foldable for easy transportation.

One thing that stands out to me about Buzz is their commitment to sustainability - $50 from each purchase goes towards adopting a beehive through the Operation Honey Bee Adopt-A-Hive Program. That's pretty cool!

As far as concerns go, I did notice that some reviewers mentioned paint defects on their bikes and that the torque sensor on the Buzz model seemed to deliver too much power. I also saw a few comments about the use of non-established brands on some parts of the bikes, which could potentially be a concern for those who value using only top-tier brands. It's worth noting that Buzz is a relatively new company, so it's possible that they're still ironing out some kinks in their production process.

Overall, it seems like Buzz Bicycles offers a solid value for the price, with a focus on urban riders and an emphasis on sustainability. Just keep in mind a couple of the potential concerns that have been raised by reviewers."

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