Ebikes Comparison: MoonBikes - 100% Electric Snowbike

MoonBikes - 100% Electric Snowbike

The World's First 100% Electric Snowbike

MoonBikes story began in the French Alps in a tiny village called Saint-Nicolas-de-Véroce. Nicolas Muron, MoonBikes founder and CEO observed that in the summer, there are countless ways to get around—including cars, bikes, skateboards, e-bikes, motorcycles, pogo sticks, and roller skates. Yet in the winter, mobility solutions were extremely limited—and they often had a large impact on the environment. When the snow fell, transportation primarily revolved around cars and snowmobiles. Inspired by his love for the mountains and deep interest in technology, Nicolas recognized a need for something different.

In 2021, MoonBikes expanded into North America and opened its regional headquarters at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. Five MoonBikes Parks, and an overwhelmingly positive response across the United States and Canada gives MoonBikes confidence that our opportunity to bring our awesome, environmentally friends electric snowtech everywhere there is snow.

Fun. Silent. Immersive. No noise. No smell. No operational footprint. Easy to ride. Easy to transport. Easy to store.

Asking *AI For a Friend.

Read the response when Ebike-escapes asked *Artificial Intelligence:

Is MoonBikes a good brand?

 "Hey buddy, have you heard about MoonBikes? They're these electric snowbikes that blur the lines between transportation and recreation. They're basically like a snowmobile and a motorcycle had a baby and it's super fun to ride. They're also super lightweight and easy to handle, weighing in at just 182 lbs with the battery. And speaking of the battery, it can even be removed to make it even easier to transport. Without the battery, a MoonBike weighs only 155 lbs.

MoonBikes are made in France with the help of the team at Bosch Marignier and they're super reliable, with less than 200 parts and no chain or belt. Maintenance is a breeze with these babies. They also have an innovative propulsion system that's highly efficient and totally silent. Plus, with immediate torque and power, they can deliver 170 N⋅m of torque.

And if you're in Europe, you can snag your own MoonBike for 8,900 €, or if you're in the US, it'll cost you $8,900. And don't worry about the cold weather, these things are rated to -25ºC and can go for up to 26 mph.

But the fun doesn't have to stop when the snow melts. MoonBike has over thirty parks all across Europe and six in the US where you can book a ride and try out one of these bad boys for yourself. And if you're really lucky, there may be a park near you. MoonBike is also working on partnerships in the US, Canada, Europe, and Scandinavia so you can try out a MoonBike as close to home as possible.

One potential downside is that the MoonBike's range might not be as long as some traditional snowmobiles. It can go for up to one hour on sport mode or 1.5 hours on eco mode, which translates to around 20 km or 12 miles in sport mode or 35 km or 22 miles in eco mode. But if you spring for the optional dual battery, you can double that range.

Overall, MoonBikes look like a super fun and unique way to enjoy the winter snow. And with their eco-friendliness and minimal maintenance, they seem like a pretty sweet deal."

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