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Great people!

We are looking at purchasing E-bikes. We saw that ebike escapes in Evansville Indiana were in business and we could ride the Rad E-Bikes that they had in stock at a very reasonable price. There were some scheduling issues and they worked with us without any problems. We arrived and were greeted with smiling faces and a wealth of knowledge about the Rad E-Bikes. After we rode all of the Rad E-Bikes, we were asked if we had any questions and they also assisted us in trying to figure out how to get the folding mini's in our vehicle. I cannot express how nice and professional they were. I would definitely encourage anyone looking at Rad E-Bikes to give them a call or email!

Test ride

My wife and I took a test ride to try out an ebike. We loved it so much we bought matching bikes. Both bikes have shipped in less than four days and we are eager to get riding before Christmas. I recommend anyone interested to try before you buy. Disregard my last one star rating and try out one of these beauties

Try before you buy

Great way to spend an afternoon searching for the perfect e bike! Who knew it could be so easy for all us far from big city show rooms, Rad has special try before you buy with great informative teachers that will meet you at the park or their home show room for a 90 min demo, The couple could not have been nicer or more informative. Still chewing over our options but had a super duper session with this couple!

Hourly Ebike Rentals
Jeff Biggerstaff
Loved EBike Rental Experience

Loved my first experience on an EBike and looking forward to doing it again.! Holly and Dan are extremely helpful in walking you through all of the bike features and ensuring you get the correct bike. Great experience!

Test ride

Dan and Holly were very helpful in explaining the models we were looking at.
Would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to test ride a Rad

Truly sincere and excellent people.

The team at escapes cared about my time and needs above all which I appreciate the most. But there thorough knowledge, great service, welcoming attitude and experience were an even better part of my day. The crew at Thoroughquest acres thanks them. 5 star - must visit

Great Experience

Dan and Holly brought numerous e-bikes for us to try. They are knowledgeable about each of the various Rad e-bike models. It has been a few days since the test ride, and I ordered one of the e-bikes this morning! I am having it delivered to E-bike Escapes for assembly and then delivery to me. It’s been a great experience and can’t wait until I am riding the roads!

Ebike Test Ride Consultations
Theresa Brandenburg
Ebike Consultation

Holly & Dan were very personable & educated on ebikes. I tried several models and now I just need to decide on a foldable or regular ebike. :-) A great investment of time and informative session. Thank YOU!

Ebike Test Ride Consultations

Jim W.

Dan and Holly did an excellent job of educating/training a 70+ guy with very minimal e-bike knowledge. They provided a basic understanding of e-bike technology in general, followed by a detailed description of each of the Rad models in their fleet, including the similarities and differences for each model. They answered every one of my questions in detail.

But the best part was providing the opportunity to ride as many of the models (several twice) that I wanted to check out, and the trails at Friedman Park are an excellent test ride course to experience hills, flat areas, curves, etc. Dan led me on the initial rides, followed me on others, and let me go alone for the final rides. In each case, he provided tips for maximizing the features of each bike.

All in all, the consultation was an excellent and very enjoyable experience that helped me quickly get hooked on e-bikes.…and I am ordering a Rad Mini this week.

Great experience!

Holly and Dan did a fantastic job showing us the Rad ebikes. We knew nothing about these bikes and they patiently and expertly answered our many questions. Very friendly and professional. We had so much fun we are buying our own! Thanks again for your help!


Dan & Holly gave us excellent instructions and overview of all the Rad bikes. They made sure that we knew all of the features of the bikes & assisted us as we rode! It made the session enjoyabe & we were able to get the first hand experience that we needed. We are considering using a Rad e-bike for getting to our hunting stands.

Hourly Ebike Rentals
Keith Kelley

Great ride and great service from Dan and Holly.

What a Blast!

We had such a great time renting our ebikes! Dan and Holly are very knowledgeable, helpful, and accommodating! Ebikes are a blast and easy to ride. It was something different and fun to do with our friends! Dan and Holly made sure each of us had a bike we liked and were comfortable with. Hope to do it again!

Hourly Ebike Rentals
Penny Gillie
Try before you buy!

Ebikes are a big investment. With Ebike-escapes, you can ride a variety to Rad Power bikes to see which is best for you. Dan and Holly are patient, informative, and genuinely interested in helping their customers find the perfect ebike.

Ebike consult.

Dan and holly were excellent. They accommodated my wife and newborn baby and let me test all the ebikes I wanted. They were very helpful and took their time to answer all my questions. I high recommend them.

Great Consultation!

The consultation I had with Dan and Holly was excellent. Together, they helped me to decide which Rad ebike to purchase. They were extremely informative in every aspect of the ebikes' functions, safety, and accessories. I rode three ebikes during the consultation. I wouldn't have been able to make the correct purchases without them. I am now enjoying my ebike and rave about it to my friends. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to buy a Rad ebike.

Hourly Ebike Rentals

Fun! Fun! Fun!

So we did the consultation followed by an hour rental. Holly and Dan are extremely knowledgeable about the rad line and we were able to test all of the models in order to decide which bikes we wanted to ride for our rental. They explained everything from operation to maintenance to transporting the bikes and even took the time to help us determine how we might transport our bikes in our RV. They also talked through accessories and safety.

Friedman Park was a great place to ride these bikes. They have great bike trails and we (3 of us) had a blast! We highly recommend this process if you are on the fence about purchasing. We plan to purchase our bikes today.

Thanks to Holly and Dan for making out purchasing decision easier.

A++++++ experience with ebike Escapes Evansville

Holly and Dan were excellent! Extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Prompt and professional. They took their time to make sure we understood all the features and asked if we had questions. It was helpful to try a few different bikes. The consult is a tremendous value. We ended up buying two bikes. My wife has been reluctant to go on regular bike rides with me. However, she was smiling throughout the consult….like a kid with a new toy! We will definitely recommend them to others in our community.


We have had the pleasure of doing the 90 min. Consultation. I loved that I got the chance to ride each model bc what I thought I would order from research on the web site was. It the bike I ended up ordering. I would have never give the bike my husband I ordered a second look. Thank you for the time you take to inform us on all of our options bc this is a big purchase to end up not loving the bike. I recommend anyone that is interested in buying to do the consultation before you order anything. Or just want a day out to do something fun and different. We were 100% satisfied with the price and time we had to decide what bike to order.
Thank you

Awesome Saturday Morning on E-Bikes

We met Dan and Holly at Newburgh Friedman Park for our consultation. They were amazing in explaining and demonstrating the bikes. We are so glad we were able to ride the different models, as we were able to select the best models for us. We highly recommend you meet with Dan and Holly. Thank you both for such an enjoyable experience. Can’t wait to get our bikes ordered.

I have a GREAT ride !

they showed me several models and let me ride them all! I had a great time and I am ready to order one of my own!! thanks Holly and Dan

Great Experience & New Found Confidence!

I recently had an amazing experience with my Ebike Test Ride Consultation. Holly and Dan were so helpful is helping me try different models of Rad bikes and seats so that can feel confident it what model of bike to order. But more important was how nice and encouraging they were helping me learn and feel confident to ride considering I have not ridden a bike in over 50 years!

Fun time

We had a great time riding e-bikes for the first time.