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Sold on Ride Consultations

The consultation was invaluable and well worth the time and money spent. Holly communicated a wealth of information about the bikes, and about the accessories that would be helpful (as well as where to purchase them.) Since I had never ridden an ebike, I was a bit apprehensive about damaging the item, but Dan was patiently instructive, and made me feel very comfortable. He used interactive helmets, which certainly helped guide me in the dynamic features of the bike.
I would say-a riding consultation is indispensable. If a dealer doesn't offer this, go elsewhere unless you consider yourself an expert.

Awesome opportunity

This is an awesome opportunity to try all the different bike. We thought we would like one bike but ended up purchasing a different one. We would have chosen the wrong bikes had we not had a chance to ride them.

Ebike Test Ride Consultations
Phyllis & Jeff Eli
Wonderful E-bike test ride experience.

Had a wonderful experience recently at Ebike-Escapes. My wife and I (both retired) have been interested in trying out ebikes. I found out about Ebike-Escapes test consultations from a google search. I signed us both up for 90 minute test rides. We rode several different models of the Rad Power ebikes during the rental period. We both knew after being on the ebikes we had to have one for each of us. Bikes are now ordered and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival. Owners Holly & Dan Adams walked us through everything we needed to get started on the test rides. They also answered the many questions we had about the ebikes and how to properly ride them. Dan even rode along with us and talked us through the rides using the built in radios in the bike helmets. It was great! Totally worth it even if we had not chosen to buy a ebike at this time. Highly recommend this service if you have any interest in ebikes.

Sena R2 Aerodynamic Smart Communications Helmet

Very informative

My husband and I really enjoyed our consultation with Dan on Thursday. We are definitely going to purchase two e-bikes. Thank you Dan and Holly

Ebike escapes - get out and ride one!

Dan and Holly provide a unique service for those considering ebikes. You tube videos are good for research but nothing beats the hands on experience provided by Ebike escapes! Dan and Holly are experts that patiently help newbies go through the process of bike selection and purchase. We can’t wait to get out and ride our new Rad power bikes!

Get on your Rad

Fun and informative. Holly and Dan are very knowledgeable about the product. They do a great job instructing and guiding you through making the most of the bike you are riding (we tried several). There is no hard sell the bike sells itself. If you are looking for an e bike, Dan and Holly are the ones to see. B and M

Great Experience

Gary and I have been looking for Ebikes in the Evansville, In. area. Our friends told us about Ebikes Escape! We set up a test ride this past Wednesday 08-17-22 with Dan and Holly! My husband and I rode 5 different bikes. The owners were both present to explain all details about the bikes and rode along with us explaining everything we need to know about Ebikes. We were both so happy with our experience and the knowledge that Dan and Molly have about the Rad products. We will be placing our order tomorrow for two new Ebikes.

Rad Test Ride

Dan and Holly were ver knowledgeable, they took their time with us to make sure we were comfortable with knowing which bike we wanted to purchase.

Ebike Test Ride Consultations

Perfect ride!

My sister and I made an appointment with Dan & Holly Adams to try out the electric bikes. They took us to a very safe area with several hills and allowed us to test ride several different bikes. They are so knowledgeable in the bikes and the accessories. Bikes or wonderful to ride.

Happy with my new helmets

Ebike-Escapes Test Ride & Consultation

Test Ride Sold Me - both on the Rad Power bike I wanted and using Dan & Holly to assemble and tune my new bike. Test Ride times are reserved so only one customer at a time rides which allowed them to concentrate on helping me the whole time. Borrowed their helmet equipped with hands free communications which made questions and answers easy to hear during the ride without stopping. Their product knowledge was top notch and they are very nice people. Will be back in two weeks to pick up my brand new RadRover!!

They treat you like family.

Was interested in an E-bike, but wanted to ride a bike before purchasing, when I found this place, it was just what I was looking for. The answered all of our questions, spending considerable time with us over 2 days, was very pleased with their service and ended up buying two bikes and a few accessories. I will definitely recommend this store to my friends


Holly and Dan were great!
Very knowledgeable, friendly, and dedicated to their business. They treated us like friends. We would recommend eBike Escapes to anyone looking for an eBike.

Awesome experience

We met with Holly and Dan this last Saturday and it was a great experience. They showed us all the bikes in their fleet, and reviewed safety features and info on how to use and experience the ride. They gave us a lot of information and things to think about prior to purchasing the right e-bike. They have a great business and are really awesome people. I encourage everyone who's thinking about e-bikes to take advantage of the consultation services that they have. They are a wealth of information.

New rack

I just ordered the new big tire bike rack and have not picked it up yet but the display was properly explained to me at the shop so I ordered one. It looks like it will be exactly what we need to haul our new E bikes. Great customer service and very knowledgeable!

Great consolutation

Dan and Holly were great helping me with my purchasing decision. They have a fleet of well maintained bikes that excited me about the possibility of a purchase of a RAD. Highly recommended!

My visit with Dan and Holly of Ebike Escapes !

Lessons were comprehensive, and very thorough. All of my questions were answered pertaining to motors, sizing, accessories, purchasing, marketing, and all the how toos’ of each bike I tested. The local 4-H fairgrounds was a great testing ground with concrete, asphalt, dirt, and gravel surfaces. Terrain the bikes were ridden on was straight and flat to short steep and long sloping roadways, with mixed sweeping and tight turns. To me, the Rad business model is the best, and the product isn’t half bad either ! Impressive prices for a quality build and performance with service second to none ! Will be ordering very soon. D. Pugh

Test Ride Eval

My wife and I tested the Rad ebikes from Dan and Holly. First off, we found them to be exceptionally pleasant, very knowledgeable of the product, and genuinely concerned that we were fitted with the appropriate bike for our specific needs. They spent a great deal of time with us showing us the many functions and features on each bike we tried. We selected the rad City bikes and are very pleased with our selection. Thank you Dan and Holly for making this a pleasant experience for us. You're the type of folks that people should have as neighbors.

Ebike Test Ride Consultations

RAD Bike Test Ride

Both Holly and Dan were excellent in demonstrating and assisting me with my decision to buy a RAD bike. I am so glad I made the trip! They know their product and got to know me, patient and thorough!

Hourly Ebike Rentals
Glenn Skelton
What a breath of fresh air!

Great business that was a pleasure to work with. Their customer service has been top notch from the moment we booked our rentals online. Thanks Dan and Holly!

Ebike Test Ride Consultations

Great E-bike Test Ride Consultation

Dan and Holly are so helpful and knowledgeable about the Rad Power Bikes. I would highly recommend doing the test ride consultation if you are considering buying an E-bike. They answered all of our question and we test rode several different models which helped us narrow down our choice. We had a great time testing the bikes. Can't wait until we get our own.