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Great Customer Support

I had done research for an e-bike rack for my Class C RV and found E-bike Escapes carried the RV Rider by Hollywood Racks that I was interested in. Not only did Dan sell it for the same price as you would find on the internet, but he assembled, installed and spent lots of time going over the rack with us. Probably the best part was Dan and Holly were just super nice, friendly and just pleasant to be around. As a bonus Dan carried a light bar for the rack which is kind of hard to find on the internet and is definitely a safety game changer. Overall, support these small business owners, you will not regret it.

Awesome Customer Service

Dan was awesome to work with when my husband and I went into the shop. My husband went in know what he wanted to order and had done a ton of research before we went to the shop. I had not planned on buying a bike, but after the ability to test a couple different ones out on a short test ride, I was sold. Dan keep us informed when he received our bikes and then delivered them to us. Thank you for the easy process Dan! Dan also gave us some great locations to look for biking trails besides the ones that are local to us now.

Traveling with my e-bike

I am comfortable and confident loading and unloading my e-bike. I believe my e-bike is secure and safe on the bike carrier. Dan was so kind and explained all the details of loading and unloading e-bike.

Level 2

Love my new e-bike!!!! And the support is an added bonus. Love all the features!

Great experience

We really enjoyed our experience dealing with Dan and Holly. we had so many questions which they provided answers that we could understand. They never acted like we were a bother too them, even though we wasn't sure if we were going to purchase anything at the time. I feel they are honest and will do everything they can too help us before and after our purchase. They kept us updated on the things that were ordered. Had a great overall experience which is why I gave them 5 stars.

Merry Christmas to me!

I bought my first e-bike from the Adams’ and I was very happy not only with my bike but with the excellent service!

Sena R2 helmet

I have been very impressed with the Sean R2 bike helmet. It is much more comfortable than I thought it would be. Easy to set up and use. I never ride without music from my phone playing thru the helmet. I have taken several phone calls while riding also. I never ride without using the light on the back of the helmet. It is an attention getter for other drivers. wonder safety feature.

Friendly down home service

Dan and Holly at E-Bike Escapes really love their shop and the products they are selling. They both were very helpful, and they know the Aventon product line very well. It was a wonderful experience, and nice to get to know them both.
I just took my first ride on my Aventure 2. 10 miles in 30 minutes. I couldn't believe how smooth it rode.
You won't believe how nice the ride is; until you try one yourself.

Great Ebike shop!!!

We needed 2 Ebikes in a short period of time. My husband had researched which one he wanted to purchase and found this nice Ebike shop in Darmstadt, IN which is also close to home! Dan & Holly are the owners of this shop and really try hard to have happy satisfied customers. They were very helpful, instructive with the operating and setup of our new Ebikes. I had an instructive ride with Dan the owner with the new Ebike and that deemed very helpful. Completely sold me! Easy to operate, lots of fun to ride! They have Ebike accessories, quite a few of different models and different Ebikes to compare before you purchase. We highly recommend this Ebike shop for any of your Ebike needs!!! We love our Ebikes!!

AVENTON: PACE 500.3 Ebike

New Bike and equipment

love it

Comfy Seat

We are really pleased with the comfort of the saddle seat. Even after long rides I find that I have no chaffing and I am not sore!

Ebike Service

Great shop. Friendly people and very professional staff.

Love it

First electric bike

My husband and I bought 2 and we love them!! They are so much fun to ride. Even though they are electric, you get quite a work out if you leave the assist on 1. We bought ours from Ebike-Escapes and I highly recommend buying from them. They are a small bike shop and really committed to great customer service! They are awesome!!!

Fantastic Bike and Dealer

The Ebike is great, and you can check out the pros (not so many cons) from many qualified reviewers on YouTube. That said, the service I received from Dan and Holly at their store was outstanding in every way! They have several makes/models of Ebikes they can review with you. They took the time to go over all of the details of the three models I was interested in. I ended up selecting the Aventure.2 because of the power, good engineering, and solid/sturdy feel. Before I committed to anything, Dan took us for a test ride so I we could see how we felt on that bike. It was great. The handled all of the paperwork, and called me after the bike had been received and assembled. It was flawless. Couldn't be happier with the whole process. BTW, I'm not one to usually leave reviews - especially "flowery" ones, but they sure deserve an "A+".

AVENTON: AVENTURE.2 Step-Through Ebike

Great eBike!

I recently purchased a Pace 500.3 and it has lived up to every expectation that I had. This is my first eBike and I glad I purchased such a quality eBike!

Derailleur Guard
Randy & Kathi Agent
Happy with new Derailleur Guards!

Aventon should provide these derailleur guards as standard equipment. But they don't, and I'm sure glad Ebike-Escapes informed us about this add-on they provide. We added to both of our new bikes, and I can envision this preventing some future headaches!

Derailleur Guard
Terry A. Henson
Great Local E-Bike Shop

My wife and I are new to e-bikes and love having such a great locally owned e-bike shop with most of the things we need to enjoy a new activity that keep us out and active.


Excellent sales assistance and customer service, and the bike is super sweet! I’m so happy with my purchase!


Great folks and fellow riders


I bought a Aventon Level.2 Step Through from Dan & Holly, love the bike. No pressure sales, they access what your needs are and offer their opinion what might fit you the best. Their customer service is top notch, they will answer any and all questions and other companies should mirror their customer service it does make a difference. They actually do care and will benefit them now and in the future.

e-bike keeps you moving

I was surprised that you really are getting exercise riding the e-bike. Thank you explaining the details about the e-bike. I felt safe and confident to ride the e-bike. I was surprised on how much I enjoyed riding the e-bike.

No regret

If you’re thinking of buying a e bike my advice is go no further than Darmstadt Indiana . I bought a step through e bike and had some problems with it and they when that extra mile out of their way to help me with the problem . I am almost 80 and been riding probably almost 70 years and I can honestly say that Ebike-Escapes in Darmstadt made me feel like I was part of the family. Like I Said look no further than Darmstadt Indiana o yes I am now riding the Aventon Level 2 step through Loveling it 😃