How to Avoid the #1 Mistake New Ebike Owners Make.

Everyone likes ice-cream. Thanks to the fine folks at Baskin-Robbins, deciding which flavor to choose is a simple matter of asking for another pink spoonful of goodness. Need a good night's rest? You can sleep on a mattress for 100 nights until you pull the trigger. Some products even offer a VR experience prior to buying — one that instantly elicits an emotional reaction for potential buyers. Yes, consumers of all ages expect the opportunity to "try before you buy." Purchasing your first ebike, shouldn't be any different.

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If you've started doing your homework, you know there is a flood of ebikes on the market. And while you may know the difference between a direct-drive and a geared hub motor, have you thought about your ride? Do you have an idea of where you are going to ride? How often will you ride? How long will your rides be and how exactly will you use (and abuse) your ebike? How will you get to your favorite riding spots? Do you need a step-thru? Fat-tires? Payload capacity? Upgrades or customizations? And, who is going to service your new toy?

Please stop. Slow down. Not all ebikes are created equal. Don't buy the exact same ebike your friend just did, only to realize social media and peer pressure aren't best for life-changing-decisions-making. Much like your first real adulting purchase when you followed that old home-buying adage: "location, location, location," there is really only 1 crucial thing to consider before you shell out those dollars for an electric bicycle:

Ride before you buy!  

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We get it, the temptation is almost unbearable. Luckily, we're on duty! Ebike-escapes is part of an extensive network of locations where you can get on a variety of ebike models and experience one for yourself. If you're looking for some direction while realizing at the same time - this is a very personal decision, we're intimately familiar with the “feels” of an ebike. Seek out attendants that will care to share key differences from a perspective you'll want to hear.

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So, ride before you buy. And revel in knowing you made the right choice.

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