Ebikes Comparison: Priority Bicycles - Low Maintenance Belt Drive Bikes

Priority Bicycles
Priority Bicycles – Low Maintenance Belt Drive Bikes

The Current's mid-drive motor smoothly amplifies your natural pedaling power up to 28 mph, without jolts. Plus, riding your bicycle has never been more comfortable with plush 650B tires, a mid-step frame, adjustable stem, and padded gel seat—all standard on the Current.

Low Maintenance, Rust Free Belt Drive Bicycles, at unmatched quality and prices.

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Read the response when Ebike-escapes asked *Artificial Intelligence:

Is Priority Bicycles a good brand?

"Hey, have you guys checked out Priority Bicycles? They make some seriously awesome bikes, and their Current ebike is a game changer. I mean, just look at all the features it has: a rust and grease-free Carbon Drive belt, an efficient and smooth mid-drive motor, a low-maintenance internally geared e-bike specific rear hub, hydraulic disc brakes, a mid-step frame, bicycle-powered front and rear lighting, all-weather composite fenders, flexible accessory mounts, and puncture-resistant and shock-absorbing 650B tires. It's basically the ultimate urban commuter bike.

But what really sets the Current apart is its belt-drive system. It's a low-maintenance alternative to traditional chain-drive systems, and it's super quiet and smooth. Plus, it won't get your hands or clothes dirty like a chain will. And with up to 140nm of torque, you'll be able to keep up with traffic or go on long, smooth rides all day.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "But aren't Priority Bicycles kind of expensive?" Yeah, they are a little pricier than some other brands out there. But trust me, their bikes are worth it. They're high-quality and super reliable, and the Current is no exception. It's the perfect ebike for serious cycling friends like us who want a smooth, efficient, and low-maintenance ride. So, if you're in the market for a new ebike and want something that's going to take your commuting or recreational riding to the next level, I'd definitely recommend giving Priority Bicycles a try."

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